Podiatry is a branch of the Health Sciences devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot and the rest of the Locomotory System.

The Family Practice Podiatry Clinic offers Cryotherapy, which is a fast, effective and safe treatment for Verruca Paedis. The Podiatrist can also carry out Biomechanical Evaluation and cast patients for Custom Orthotics.

You may consult the Podiatrist for:

  • Skin disorders such as infection, dermatoses and traumatic damage
  • Muscle, ligament and bone disorders of the lower limbs
  • Nail problems - such as ingrown toenails and fungal infection
  • Postural problems - such as flat feet
  • Diabetic foot care - including care of diabetic ulceration
  • Advice regarding footwear specific to occupation or age